I tried to maintain the armor to keep it from being

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Bring 1k broads, you'll be using 500-700. Switch the RuneScape gold helm to either the neitiznot or the veracs. Legs switch to prossy or verac. Boots to either rune , or dragon. For now, as far as strategy goes, trapping the 180's on either the 360's or 45's is an important goal.

The other one is killing the 90's. 360's and the 45's should always be last. Be sure to take out the 22's as soon as possible since they consume prayer. The hardest waves are 53-60 which is when the 360/180/90 trifecta comes out. It is important to first locate the 90, then go behind it, take it down, and then run around the 360, or to either dragon/italy rock and trap the 180 while killing the 360.

When you're at jad, brew/sup until you have full stats and the ranging pot and put on range pray. If he hits you, your first priority is to know which attack the attacker is preparing for next, and only brew/sup/range pot in between prayer switches. When it comes to healers, make sure you're praying for eagle eye/steel skin, and either tank them or kill them one at a time. This option is more convenient to do, time-wise however, it is also more risky. Good luck.

For stats , I'd recommend 85 Attack and Strength and 80 Defense. You can choose to use lower stats but it's really not efficient getting slow kills/not too many kills during a single trip. It'd be nice to get Eadgars Ruse completed, just because it's a faster method to reach GWD. I'd also recommend having the required Summoning Level to at least have a War Tortoise for storage of things.

I tried to maintain the armor to keep it from being too costly, for example for example, a Divine Spirit Shield would be the best shield to use however not everyone could afford it. I hope this has helped, if you want an inventory just inquire. Usually it's not too hard to come up with a solution.

Which barrow should I purchase guthans or torags? Both are reasonably priced for me. And since I'm aiming for a barrows set should i put aside my plans for a fighter torso? Also , what should i do using my dragon's platelegs, and rune platebody?

If you're interested in a Barrows set, I would recommend Veracs. The skirt and helm give the best defense for their particular positions (of the armours for the barrows) while the brassard has a slight weaker than Torag's, Guthan's or buy RS gold Dharok's plates. It is worth noting that Verac's provides a good prayer bonus (unlike other armours used by barrows) and is an outstanding set that is unique.