Satta King : Game over of online gaming ? may be banned

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Delhi Bazar Satta : Omicron has started its game in India. But online games have also taken the form of an epidemic in

India. So let us know that like crypto currency, can online gaming be banned in India now? Online gaming was debated in Parliament on Friday, demanding to control and ban it. This is because the games which used to be a way to pass the time, have now turned into the habit of gambling DL Bazaar.


Games or gambling den?

This is such an addiction, whose victims want to play online games without stopping for 24 hours and in many online games there is also an option to earn money. That's why many youths have made it their full time job.

 Satta Matka Therefore, now there was a debate on online gaming in the Parliament of India as well and during this time questions were asked whether they should be banned completely, should they be controlled or should the income earned from it be taxed?

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