Fantastic rewards for character development

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Have you ever thought of taking an excursion through one of Aden's most majestic commercial cities , or simply soak up the beauty of its breathtaking agricultural zones? Whatever part of Aden you choose for your exploration, you'll always discover extraordinary experiences, beautiful scenery, and of course enemies in Lineage 2M Diamonds's sprawling open world.

When you travel through the 240 million square meter area of Aden there will be a variety of monsters and frightening beasts, and players are required to collaborate or battle each other in order to reap the fantastic rewards each fight can bring, including skills books and other items.

Making progress on characters is easy with rewards of high value for players who finish their Daily Benefit activity. As opposed to the majority of toughcore MMORPGs, Lineage2M makes it easy for novice MMO players to upgrade their characters. Incoming Mail and a new Pass system offer players daily rewards to help further their adventure.

With high-resolution support and the ability to personalize buttons and controls, Lineage2M allows its players to join the game whenever they want, whether they're on PC or mobile. With the game's exclusive system (named PURPLE), players will be able to control their PC games as well as communicate with other players on their mobile phones through the remote play function.

The Beta was only available on PC and provided the perfect gaming environment to PC players. In contrast, buy Lineage 2M Diamonds is set to offer cross-play features upon the official launch to ensure that players can have the same experience playing on mobile.