Became the villains pet (wear the book)

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"Yes, yes," next to the people finally can not stand the oppression of Chen Wang can not help but whisper

"Yes, yes," next to the people finally can not stand the oppression of Chen Wang can not help but whisper, "I have done such a scandal, do not let people say." "Unexpectedly," Li Mou shook his head, "in the past two months, the two men have met almost every day. And Wang Ye is busy with official business every day. Alas, the world is getting worse and worse. I didn't expect Princess Wu to take it seriously. He looked as if he didn't want to talk much. On one side some people who drift with the tide are shouting one after another, these three evidences have thoroughly confirmed the matter of Princess Wu and the adulterer, such a scandal, as a righteous person, they naturally want to blame. Otherwise, there will be more and more such things. All of a sudden, there was a clamor in the whole mansion, and for a while it was boiling over. After all, there are enough people here today. Chen Qinghen felt some pain in her brain, after all, she was just a little better, now so noisy, or some can not stand. Counsellor Li thought she was afraid, after all, the evidence was solid, and there was no room for turning over. He proudly looked at Princess Wu, "I wonder what else Miss Chen can't say?" Chen Qinghen ignored him and just looked at Ping, "Ping,Precision Welded pipes," Ping son one is stupefied, "princess." Chen Qinghen smiled and said, "since you have seen everything in your eyes, my handkerchief was also given recently."? "Of course not," Pinger did not know why Princess Wu suddenly said, "this handkerchief was seen by the maidservant herself that you gave it to Chen Jinchen two months ago." Wen Yan, Chen Qinghen nodded, Ping son is also a daze, this is what the problem is not. She couldn't help but look at Li Moushi in panic. Counsellor Li felt that the man was just mystifying and gave her a soothing look. Chen Qinghen,beam impact tubes, however, did not manage Ping any more, but still said unhurriedly, "Having said so much, why hasn't Li brought the adulterer yet?". I also want to see who the adulterer is. Counsellor Li knew as soon as he saw her that she would not cry without seeing the coffin, but he was also in trouble for a moment. Chen Jin, that tough guy, no matter how hard he fought, he still refused to listen to himself. "Yes," the person on one side also says in succession, "more quickly bring that adulterer. Let's have a good look. "Yes, such an adulterer should be killed together to apologize!" Everyone is now filled with indignation, has fully believed what Li said can not help but share a bitter hatred of the enemy, but also let them take a good look at the other person in the end who? Seeing this, counsellor Li also knew that today's situation really could only get Chen Jin out, so he took a look at the King of Wu. See the king of Wu nodded in agreement, so that counsellor Li naturally will not mind, hurriedly ordered people to bring it over. Soon a man who had been whipped very badly came. His face was pale, aluminium coated tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, his body was covered with blood and blood, and he looked exhausted. But even in this state, it can still be seen that this person looks handsome and can be called a romantic gentleman. Some people sigh in their hearts, no wonder Princess Wu will live with this person, looks really no worse than the King of Wu. One side Chen Qinghen did not care about how other people think, see Chen Jin obviously by the appearance of lynching, not by the eyes suffused with the color of worry, after all, this person is because of her involvement in the suffering of this, but also helped her. In fact, the two of them did not have an affair, but once Princess Wu did this person a favor. After that, there was no intersection between them. However, Chen Jin gave her a wink, let her rest assured, Chen Qinghen naturally also stood still. It is he, "said the counsellor Li directly, and then looked at Chen Jindao, who was in a mess, but was still light." Counsellor Chen Jindao, do you admit that you are living with Princess Wu? " "Nature doesn't admit it," Chen Jin sneered. "Princess Wu and I are innocent." He just said so, and naturally no one believed it. People just blame one after another, this is really not see the coffin do not cry ah. "That's all." The King of Wu opened his mouth at this time. He looked at Chen Qinghen. His gentle face was full of extreme pain. He didn't know whether it was because he was beaten by Chen Wang or because he really felt heartache. "One day, husband and wife, one hundred days of grace. You also suffered because of me before. My letter of divorce will be given to you." See Chen Qinghen or a calm look, Chen Jin is also no one to admit defeat, he is not as strong as Li Moushi confidence, after all, before he was so confident, the result was beaten to see. Now that the matter has been made clear, naturally there is no need to keep people, now let them go, so at least to restore their reputation. And even if we let them go now, they will be driven to death by gossip later. It is better to wait for others to torture them in the future than to be unreasonable now. The King of Wu wanted to do this, but Sun Gan and his party were unwilling to do so. After all, they really suffered heavy losses in the court today. "Hum, Wang Ye, you are really too kind. I'm afraid such an adulterer has to be immersed in a pig cage." "Yes, Wang Ye is really too kind." Other people's nature is also, for a while, so much evidence in front of us, people can not help but not believe, so also can not help echoing. Chen Wang's natural face was full of worry, and the green mark did not tell him that she was sure, why it was like this now, the situation had completely fallen to one side of the King of Wu. But Chen Qinghen is this face does not change the color the appearance, everybody thought is only she did not have the sense of shame completely. Chen Qinghen took a look at Chen Jin. "Bah," said Chen Jin with a sneer, "you're really funny. Thanks to what kind of court officials, in my opinion, it's better to die one by one." As soon as this remark was made, some of the people present looked ill at once, which was a complete humiliation. Counsellor Li saw this and immediately scolded, "Chen Jin, what do you mean by this? Whether it's these letters you exchanged,Precision steel tubes, or this handkerchief, or even the matter of living together is what Ping saw with her own eyes. Is there any room for you to refute it?" When the King of Wu heard this, he immediately wanted to stop it. Now the key is to end this matter quickly.