The moon was there

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The moon was thereThe moon was thereThe moon was thereThe moon was there

Duoduo suddenly stamped her feet angrily, and the prehistoric power gathered in her throat. When she was about to roar, she was stopped by the moon. With a flat mouth, she ran into the small room and lay down on the bed. The mother and daughter chatted about their daily life while making wontons. According to the custom here, they have to eat wontons every festival. When it comes to going to school and leaving home, wontons are also the highlight. The moon said jokingly, "The people here are ancestral and don't have enough to eat. Otherwise, who eats this stuff all day long?" Lili elder sister says: "The thing that eats before is little, have one or two meat to mix a la carte, the whole family gathers a piece to eat." The bright moon thinks that a little meat star can't catch fire, but it can make the whole family taste it when it is wrapped in this small world. The Chinese regard harmony as the most precious and family as the most important thing, and the grandest thing is to sit at the same table and eat with relatives. When Mingyue was ten years old, her father died. Before that, her concept of home was spotless and everything was in place. Her father, who was a neat freak and diligent, was also a doctor, and whenever he had a little free time, he would accompany him with housework. As a result, Sister Lili lived a good life for several years. The husband and wife were very harmonious and affectionate. Her husband did not let her worry about the family. On weekdays, she did not touch the spring water with her fingers. She could not even dress and change shoes for her children. As a result, after losing her husband at a young age, Sister Lili was at a loss as to what to do. Mingyue was sent to a boarding school, and later stayed at her uncle's home for a year or two. It was not until Lili gritted her teeth and bought the small house with her husband's compensation when he died that the mother and daughter lived together again. At that time, Mingyue and Lili became strangers because they had not lived together for many years. Although Lili's loving husband has passed away, the pleasure habits she has developed for a long time have not changed. When he is free,outdoor ficus tree, he likes to play cards and go shopping. His house is in a mess, with cold pots and stoves all the year round. At that time, Mingyue was in adolescence, and when she was most nervous about her studies, she was always very dissatisfied with her mother. When two people meet, they have a big quarrel, and their daily communication depends on their unrestrained voice. This situation was not improved until she gave birth to Duoduo, perhaps because she understood, so she was merciful. Sister Lili's wontons are wrapped in an ugly way,silk olive tree, with less stuffing and more skin, which is the most despised big fart by the locals. On the contrary, Mingyue's wontons are all full, shaped like gold ingots, and will not leak stuffing even if they are stewed in the pot for a long time. When sister Lili was fishing out, the moon was cutting the stewed vegetables beside her, and the knife work was also good, and the brush was a plate of even thickness. She couldn't help sighing with emotion: "At this point, you are better than my mother." This said, rather a bit sensational, the moon leaned on her shoulder, want to say that in fact you are also good. Sister Lili said faintly, "But to sum up, I'm still better than you." This is not good, the moon warned: "The big Chinese New Year, you do not destroy the harmonious atmosphere ah." Sister Lily smiled bitterly and said, "I've had a husband, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,outdoor palm trees, but you haven't.". Ha ha ha ha.. The moon was still complaining when she moved the dinner plate to the table, and if she had known earlier, she would have had a two-person world with Duoduo, so that you, a bad old lady, could enjoy a good night of Chinese New Year's Eve. It's great to have a husband. What's the point of showing off. Suddenly, I finally thought of our lovely Duoduo. Mingyue wiped her hands and went to the room. The little girl was so angry today that she was still meditating on the bed. Mingyue rubbed her head twice, but she was refused coldly. She had to raise her throat: "Sister Lili, return our little princess's bag." But Duoduo was still unhappy, and as soon as the bag was at hand, it was thrown out. The little girl is not on the way, the moon coax also coax, also no one really want her things, how to still attract dissatisfaction, even a better face do not show her. It's the Spring Festival! Sister Lili, the initiator, pretended to be a good person and said, "Don't coax me any more. Don't be like a child.". You had a bad temper when you were a child! The moon pushed her out: "Let's eat regardless of her." Mingyue made up her mind to give Duoduo a memory, but when she shared the food, she gave her another small bowl of wonton and vegetables, packed them in a glass covered bowl and stuffed them into the quilt, and then ate them when her anger subsided. Busy time, one side of the cell phone rang, Lili sister a spirit, immediately carrying a bowl of ghosts to come over. Mingyue picked it up and looked at it with her back. "Eat your food," she muttered. Sister Lili curled her lips and said, "If you don't show me, I won't show you. I'm sure Li Kui will pay you a New Year call.". Alas, I'm one year older, and I don't know which year I can get married. There are so many good men, but none of them belong to you. Sister Lili's mouth is broken and cheap, but whenever the word "Yun Huan" on the screen of her mobile phone changes any one, Mingyue wants to slap her in the face and ask her to see if her daughter is unreasonable! Yun Huan: The moon sneaked onto the balcony and moved her fingers quickly: Yun Huan: Bright Moon: The moon just pressed the send soon, Yun Huan actually took the initiative to dial the phone, the voice is still so warm and tranquil, just like his eyes with water standing in front of her. What's the matter, conflict? Tell me about it. The bright moon is like a bamboo basket with a broken mouth, spreading out the fire that has just been suffocated. Yun Huan listened carefully and tried to ask, "If I said you did something wrong, would you come and eat me?" The bright moon stalked her neck and said, "No, I'll slap you to death directly!" Yun Huan could not help laughing, there are other people in the office, see him inexplicably pumping up, have cast a puzzled look. He went to open the window and let the cold wind blow on his face, so that he could slow down a little. Yun Huan said, "Don't you really want to hear it?" "If you have something to say, say it," said the moon. Yun Huan said, "Think about it, Duoduo is an independent individual. Since the bag was given to her by me, the property right was transferred and became her private property." Mingyue suddenly hummed, "Why do you say so many professional terms? The bag is sent by you, and the trouble is caused by you. You are the initiator. I told you not to buy it for her. It costs thousands of yuan." I haven't seen her for many years,artificial coconut palm trees, but her ability to mess around has not changed at all. At that time, he came to help her occupy the seat with good intentions, but she told him confidently that I was not a person who would push my luck casually. Where in the world is a woman with such a big face.