Want to love someone well

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Want to love someone wellWant to love someone wellWant to love someone well

"Well, he asked you to call him back when you get back." "Oh." After taking a shower, I turned over the business cards one by one. Cho, who could it be? Ah, there it is! Zhou Yinkai, it turned out to be Xiao Kai. Call back and ask, "What's up?" "No, just to see if you're home." His voice was particularly pleasant on the phone, with a faint layer of magnetism. Well, I'm back. I say Have you had dinner? He asked. No. "Would you like to come out and eat?" "Huh?" I was stunned. Why did you suddenly think of inviting me to dinner? "Ah, what?"? I'm already on my way to your house. Don't refuse or you'll waste my gas money. "That-" "That's settled. See you later!" He hung up the phone. How to do today, twice have not had time to refuse to be general by others! "What's the matter?" Xiao Hui asked. Someone asked me to dinner. "Huh?"? I'm alone again! "I want a raise!" She complained. "All right, here you go!" I say I'm kidding! She grinned and said with a straight face, "But you should have hired someone else." "Well, think about it." I just like Xiaohui, who has no scheming and is as kind as a sister. In less than five minutes, the small car was already parked in front of the shop. He walked in and giggled. "Hey, hey!" What a bad boss! He said hello to Xiao Hui and left with Xiao Kai. He took me to a nearby restaurant and ordered two plates of sashimi. The shop is very exquisite, and the air is filled with Japanese folk songs, which has a strange feeling. I don't know whether it's a Chinese or a Japanese waiter who wears a kimono and serves the food. I tasted it, and it was raw and spicy. Why,smartboards in classrooms, it doesn't taste good? I'm noncommittal. Then don't eat it. Pushing aside his plate, he called, "The bill!" "Isn't it a waste?" I whispered. It doesn't matter He said, helping me to my feet. Japanese women are really hard to be. They always kneel down. In the car, Xiao Kai asked, "Shall we go to eat Thai food?" I shook my head. What about French food? I shook my head. Lend me your hand (3) "Italian food?" I shook my head again. What do you eat? He asked, frowning. I thought for a moment and said, "Ramen!" "Oh,interactive panel board, I thought you had a good taste!" I laugh. Xiao Kai found a noodle shop that looked clean and asked for two bowls of ramen. Wait for the face of the space, suddenly someone shouted: "Xiao Kai?"? A Jiu?! I turned my head and saw Sister Meadow. How did you get together? She asked in surprise. "Why can't we be together?" Asked Xiao Kai. "I thought you didn't know each other." "Hey, hey!" Xiaokai laughed and asked, "Sister, are you alone?" No, with my husband. She looked at Brother Peng, who was standing at the door, and said, "I won't bother you. Go first." "Well, bye-bye!" Sister Meadow gave me an ambiguous smile. Everything is in silence, she is really suitable to be a matchmaker! But to see her and brother Peng's double back, if there is no envy, it must be false. Sent me home and sighed. What's the matter? I asked. I thought you'd have a good meal. He said. I shouted: "So I am in your heart on this promise ah!" " "No, no," he pleaded, interactive boards for classrooms ,smart board interactive whiteboard, then scratched his head sheepishly. "I shouldn't have compared you to an ordinary woman." Is that a compliment? But this sentence makes me extremely happy. What woman doesn't want to be different? "Can I ask you out again?" He asked. "Well," I explained, "there are only two people in my shop. It's very busy." "Oh!" He waved a little disappointed. "Goodbye, then." "Goodbye!" I smiled as he drove away. Sometimes, he is really like a child. Besides, when he's not talking, he looks like someone. One night during the winter vacation, it snowed. I woke up suddenly and looked out of the window at the white flowers falling down. I was in a daze for a long time. Then I was thirsty and took the cup to the kitchen to pour water. As soon as I went out, I saw Ah Da squatting under the window smoking. I looked at him and he looked at me. His eyes shone like a wolf in the night with the brilliance of stars, which made me approach unconsciously. He raised his head and his face was wet. He cried. Faced with this silent crying boy, I don't know what to do. I don't understand how he can do whatever he wants, cry, laugh, go and come. I've never seen a man so free as to be so lawless. After being stunned for a while, I ran back to my room, took the toilet paper to him, and sat next to him. "Actually, I am not an orphan," said Ah Da. I looked at him with wide eyes. He continued, "My father is a murderer." I froze, trying to compose myself, and asked, "What about your mother?" "Killed by a car a year later." Da was still crying, but my heart was cold and frightened, my brain was in a mess, many pictures were entangled in it, fighting, blood, head hitting the wall, screaming, sirens, prison, what else, children who could not speak, looking at everything in fear, brakes, cloudy days, orphanages, stubborn children. What about my mom and dad? What about them? Do they share the same fate? Endless fear overwhelmed me, and I suddenly hugged Ah Da, and tears quickly flowed out. A Da also hugged me, and we were tangled together in a very strange posture. Like two rattan plants in the corner, they can not be separated. A Da suddenly bit my shoulder, and the pain was like water. I'm addicted. But when the light came on, the strong light stung our eyes, and the surprised faces of the mothers became distorted. If possible, how I wish we were two trees,75 smart board, can stand there silently, waiting for the arrival of spring. Call Sister Meadow and ask her to help find another clerk. Well, no problem. She readily agreed. Thank you! 。 hsdsmartboard.com