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Fire girlFire girlFire girlFire girlFire girlFire girlFire girlFire girl

Came to the west of the old Yan city, walked for a long time to find an ancient tribe, few people, even if met one or two people also turned a blind eye to her, the fire girl accosted, but did not get anything valuable. After observing for a long time, the fire girl found that the people here seemed to be in poor health, especially the children, who felt malnourished, so she found an old man who was still talkative. You're not from here. I've seen all the people in the village. Are you a businessman? It's not like that. Those businessmen are so hateful that they have cheated us many times by exchanging worthless things for our things here. The old man said with an emotionless face. It seems that this is the reason why the people in the village are not enthusiastic about outsiders. You can rest assured that I am from outside, but I am not a businessman, nor will I cheat the people in the village, I just come to be curious, on the contrary, if there is anything I can help in the village, I will help. The fire girl said sincerely. Oh The old man's face was a little better, but then it darkened again. "So those people said the same thing, but they still exchanged inferior cloth with us for the herbs that worked very well.". I won't believe you. As he spoke,smart boards for conference rooms, he ran past a child, five or six years old, but her body was very thin, and the lovely little girl was always worried that she would die young. The old man touched the child's head kindly. Grandpa, grandpa, my brother was bitten by a snake, the pain is terrible,65 inch smart board, grandma has no way, grandpa quickly go to see it. "Bite by a snake?"? Shit, show me. The two men ran back hurriedly, and the fire girl thought about it and followed them. Came to the house, I saw a boy of eight or nine years old lying on the bed, his face was black, it seemed that the snake was very poisonous. The old man was so frightened that he quickly took out the spare medicine and asked the little girl to ask the wizard in the village to help him. The boy's breathing was getting weaker and weaker, which was very dangerous, but the wizard would come for a few minutes, and the old woman kept saying, "How can this be good? How can this be good? The baby is holding on for a while, and the wizard will save you when he arrives." I have some elixirs made by myself. I'll give you two pills to try. The effect is good. Maybe you can save your life. The fire girl's eyes brightened and she suddenly said. See two people do not believe and continue: "I think it will take a few minutes for the wizard to come here, and saving lives will not wait for anyone. Take the medicine I brought first and try it. It's better than nothing." Then he took out two ice and fire potential pills worth thousands of gold coins. The average transaction price of the ten ice and fire potential pills sold without pain is 3800 gold coins, interactive digital whiteboard ,digital interactive whiteboard, which is 38000 gold coins. Later, he sold me six very rampant ones, leaving only four for himself. It seems that I was wrong about you, so try it. The old man put the pill in the boy's mouth. Forty-two Crazy Mercenary Missions (2) After taking the ice-fire potential pills, the boy's breathing stabilized a lot. It seemed that the five-point increase in five minutes had played a role. The fire girl was not at ease and fed him another ice-fire potential pill. But the old man said that the effect was not very big. At most, he could add two more points to his constitution. Looking at the black gas on the boy's face, the fire girl was at sixes and sevens. Looking forward to the arrival of the wizard in their mouth. A few minutes later, the little girl burst in first. Grandpa, the wizard is coming, and the chief is coming. Then two men came in from behind, one dressed in black, with his head wrapped in black cloth, holding a strange walking stick in his hand. He should be the wizard. The man behind him was wearing a string of bone chains around his neck. He was not young. He was the chief in the little girl's mouth. The fire girl silently gave way to her seat and nodded as a greeting. The two men walked in front of the boy. This is the black witch snake bite, this kind of snake is our big enemy here, usually should be in the black pool, how can run here, caught it? The voice of the great sorcerer seemed to come from his stomach. The supreme wizard, we failed to find the snake, only to hear the little grandson cry out, and then rushed to the backyard to find that he had been bitten, the wizard quickly used his magic hand to save the poor child. The child's grandmother said piously. Unusual respect for the sorcerer. "I'd like to ask the sorcerer to lend me a helping hand. Mr. Mute is a respected elder in the tribe. You must help me with this." After the introduction of the little girl, the fire girl knew that the chief was Musheng, and her grandfather was Mute. The wizard did not know what his name was. He came here a few years ago. Later, the chief saw that he was very capable, so he let him stay in the village and became a wizard. He respected him very much. The fire girl looked at the mysterious man and felt awe in her heart. Ok, now that Chief Musheng has spoken, I will try, but I can't cure him completely. This poison is very powerful, and I don't have an antidote in my hand. I can only rely on external forces to temporarily suppress the spread of the poison. I still need to find an antidote. Said to let the crowd back, also do not need a quiet room, directly for the up. As the wizard spoke plausibly, a very light green smoke slowly drifted out of the cane in his hand, and then attached to the boy's body for a long time before it was over. "The sorcerer was also very tired, and his voice was much weaker." I used half of my mental strength to suppress the gas for the time being, and the child's life was saved for the time being, but I had no way to do the rest. Originally, if his body was strong, then I could cure him with all my efforts, but he was born with a bad constitution and could not stand my great strength, so I had to look for the antidote. How can I find the antidote? Is it hard to find? The fire girl asked. Look at the people around, the chief is not the person to do this kind of thing, the wizard is still very weak,smart board touch screen, can not let the old man and children go, had to speak. Mute briefly introduced the fire girl, and the chief and the wizard did not ask much.