Konoha Ghost Market of Hokage

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Konoha Ghost Market of HokageKonoha Ghost Market of HokageKonoha Ghost Market of Hokage

"Ah! Ah!" From the moment the blood was injected, the man kept howling, his eyes gradually turned white, his saliva kept dripping down, and he really twitched. Is that what you want me to see? Ouyang was a little unhappy. "See how you torture and endure?" "Look, Ouyang, the next is the main event." Orochimaru watched intently as Yunren struggled. Moments later, Yunren stopped twitching, still rolling his eyes, apparently not regaining consciousness. However, in the twinkling of an eye, Yun Ren's body began to be suffused with yellow color, and after a moment, Yun Ren's limbs were already suffused with metallic color. See? This is the reaction of the petrified blood! Orochimaru a face of fanaticism, "Ouyang ah, your blood can assimilate other blood and then inject into others, so that others become blood ninjas!"! This is the real reason why the world of tolerance wants to obliterate your family! "My God!" Ouyang was dumbfounded. But this blood has its drawbacks. Orochimaru said more than enough. I'll go,smart interactive whiteboard, you said it earlier! Ouyang great anger, he just in the mind decided to take a team and then each person loaded with countless blood after, run amuck in the world! Orochimaru looked at the furious Ouyang strangely, completely confused about Ouyang's rage. Orochimaru shook his head and said, "Let me show you the malady of your blood." Then he pulled out a micro-syringe again. "This is your blood." Said into the arm of the cloud. In an instant, Yunren began to melt. Yes,interactive touch screens education, it's melting! Like a lighted candle, slowly, bit by bit, melted into a pool of sticky liquid. Ouyang glanced at the liquid with some disgust and turned to Orochimaru and asked, "What's going on?" "Your blood is so aggressive that it can instantly transform the other person's blood at one time, but the second time it is injected into his body, it can no longer accept the continuous invasion and collapses directly." Orochimaru answered slowly and made a seal, "Fire Dun Hao Fireball!" The pool of liquid on the ground made a "squeaking" sound and was burned clean. Ouyang was really shocked this time. Feelings of their own blood is not only the flesh of the Tang monk, or nuclear weapons ah! In the future, prepare two tubes of your own blood on your body. If you see who is happy, you can tie one tube for him. If you see who is unhappy, you can tie two tubes for him. My God, 4k smart board ,75 inch smart board, I am a murder weapon! Until he returned to his home, Ouyang was still immersed in great shock. If this kind of thing is known by the elders, will they be arrested and draw blood regularly? It's like milking! Ouyang shivered and shook his head hurriedly to throw the horrible idea out of his mind. Ouyang, the rest of the physical examination report came out, you look at it. Tsunade handed Ouyang a stack of reports. Ouyang sat behind his desk and began to look through it. The rest of the people are in good health, except for some hidden wounds in the battle and no hidden diseases, those hidden wounds as long as Ouyang treatment is no problem. What? Impossible! Ouyang was shocked! What he was holding on to was the medical report of Watergate. He is in good health and has a high affinity for wind chakra. And then there was none! No more! You should know that Ouyang and Tsunade's physical examination is not so simple to check their health, which includes many additional examinations. It can even detect which path is more suitable for the development of ninjas. For example, Mike blue, abnormal muscle tissue group, thick meridians, body skills are proficient! Orange water, water system chakra affinity is extremely high! But the Watergate has no Chakra affinity except the wind system! What about his time and space jutsu? Even if this special system can not be accurately described, it will be written with the word "abnormal"! But no, nothing! Ouyang slowly covered his face, no time and space ninjutsu, no flying Thor's Watergate or that little sun? Is it still the fourth generation of the future? Bastard fate! Are you trying to kill me? .. Volume II World War II Chapter 13 The Night of a Thousand Hands In the third chapter, I did what I said. There was a more important girl in this picture. This girl was forced to enter by a girl in reality. ————————————————— Since Ouyang checked Watergate's constitution, he has been in a strange state, and the whole person is listless. kenwen. What is the most important thing for a traverser? Strength? No, no, no, is familiar with the plot. When you find that the plot you have always known turns into another completely unfamiliar world, even if you are strong, there will be panic. Watergate, what if you find that you have a special constitution and then disappear and can only be an ordinary ninja? Ouyang was tortured by this question for several days, and finally asked it after dinner. Ah Watergate is stupefied, "do I have special constitution?" Watergate looked incredulous. I'm just saying if, if! Ouyang scratched his head with a headache and did not know how to explain it. Watergate's face darkened slightly, and then the sunshine smiled. I never think I am a special ninja, but I will use my efforts to achieve my ideal! I have a great teacher and many seniors who help me. I am sure I can be a Hokage! Watergate's slightly tender face seemed to glow. Ouyang covered his face, you really have a special constitution! Watergate is worthy of the name of the little sun, and this kind of sunshine is the most infectious when he says it. Fuck! You can't make Watergate without Thor? I will make him the fourth generation! Ouyang made up his mind in his heart. Watergate, come with me, there is a ninjutsu, it belongs to you! Ouyang decided not to care about the course of history, he will give the spiral pill to Watergate! And that sword in the hand of the spiral pill! ———————————————— "Three, third brother,digital touch screen board, can I trouble you for something?" Orange water is a rare way. What's the matter? Ouyang looked at the orange water with interest, such orange water is very difficult to see, he always looks arrogant. hsdsmartboard.com