Mr. Rock and Roll

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Mr. Rock and RollMr. Rock and RollMr. Rock and RollMr. Rock and Roll

"Ah.." I want to thank my wife Zheng Xiujing Xi, I … Before Li Muluo had finished speaking, there were neat words under the stage. I love you "Well, our fans, I love you.." Li Muluo tried to change the subject, so he talked about the fans. Cough cough, CN blue, show. time…” Li Muluo took a slightly embarrassed glance at Zheng Xiujing and said anxiously. Beep up the mouth, secretly in a fit of pique, ready to step down Zheng Xiujing, but Li Muluo accurately pulled up the palm of his hand. "The lead singer is a little tired, the lead singer's wife, it's your turn.." Li Mu Luo warm smile, that smile mixed with too many things, let Zheng Xiujing see some trance. Zheng Xiujing clasped the blue sè diamond-inlaid microphone belonging to Li Muluo. "Hum, cnblue lead singer's wife, Zheng Xiujing …" …” Zheng Xiujing opened her lips slightly and said with a smile. Lingering prelude sounded, the ethereal song lingered … Crazy melody wandering, falsetto and portamento wandering … As charming as a poppy, a prelude to a murmur.. As hot as a flame, roaring and shouting … PS: I wrote 200,digital signage screen,000 words before I was severely criticized once. I'm glad.. Behind me, there are a group of book friends who support me. I am very happy.. Thanks for the sad tip. Kohane's reward The reward of the singing reed, the newcomer, oh, thank you. The reward of Shengxiandao, the newcomer, thank you. A Ting's reward. Little X's reward. At this time, my mood is a little pale in words. Two words,touch screen kiosk, thank you. Let me shamelessly ask for a recommendation and collection. I will stay up late tonight. The exact number is even less clear. But I will try. [Chapter 99 of the main text is sticky and sweet.] At the end of the song, the whole audience was amazing. The lingering sound around the beam, around the heart … The male version Roar, crazy.. The soul trembles, the blood boils.. The female version 1.ethereal and ethereal. Begins like a poppy, ends like a burning.. The audience fans, aftertaste for a long time … Suddenly wake up, try to shout … The lights go out, the curtain falls.. In the waiting room, Zheng Xiujing lies down lazily on the sofa like a boneless person. The fragrant tongue spits lightly, that charming looks like a cute puppy that has just been born. Li Muluo went to pour a cup of warm water, and then handed it to Zheng Xiujing, who was rubbing her voice. You sang it in falsetto. It's like a poppy. It's like I'm addicted to it.. Li Muluo was not stingy with his words of praise, and Zheng Xiujing's little face burst into a flower-like smile. The occasional falsetto in a song is the icing on the cake, smart interactive whiteboard ,smart whiteboard price, but if the whole song is falsetto, the fans will be really intoxicated, but your voice will not be able to stand it. Li Mu Luo sighed slightly, and then followed the good lure, Zheng Xiujing's face also did not show resistance to the s s è. Well, I remember, but since this is your encore stage, I don't want to mess it up.. So Zheng Xiujing beeps her mouth, her hair wrapped around her skirt. "Thank you, my wife." With a warm smile, Li Muluo gently pulled out Zheng Xiujing's hair wrapped around her skirt, and then rubbed it. "You're welcome.." Hee Hee.. Zheng Xiujing narrowed her eyes slightly, like a lazy kitten, stretching her body lazily. Zheng Rong and four people strictly abide by the indecent do not see, indecent do not listen to this sentence. So put the blindfold out of your eyes, put the earphones in your ears.. The door was pushed open, and a man came in anxiously, his face full of joy. The man was going to say something, but when he saw what was going on in the room.. Cover your eyes, cover your ears, and get ready to go back out.. "Brother Dongxu, why do you cover your eyes and ears?" Li Mu-luo asked a little doubtfully. "Cough cough cough, can not see do not see, can not listen to do not listen to, I am the agent of the section C cāo …" Cui Dongxu muttered that he tripped over a box and almost fell down when he retreated. Well, what's not to see, what's not to hear.. Li Muluo slipped three black lines behind his head and said helplessly. Cui Dongxu was hit by the pain in his mind, which made his nose sour. "You are sticky and sweet, which makes me an old man in my thirties who has no girlfriend and whose friends and children can play soy sauce." Cui Dongxu sobbed, his fingers pinched into orchid fingers, and then gently brushed the corners of his eyes. Uh, sticky, sweet?! Li Muluo said with some consternation, when he saw Cui Dongxu's orchid finger, a sense of nausea welled up in his heart. "Yes, sticky as glue, sweet as sugar.." Cui Dongxu noticed the subconscious disgust of the two people and put away the orchid finger with some embarrassment. Uh, not really.. Li Muluo stammered. And Zheng Xiujing looked at the stammering Li Muluo, filled with warmth and pleasure in her heart. In fact, Choi Dong-wook will be an unusual spoof, from just received a phone call … The director of the company informed him that he was promoted to the head of the overseas business group. After learning the news, Cui Dongxu's depression, which had been dormant for many years, quietly dispersed with the wind. The company discussed with him whether it was necessary to remove the identity of cnblue's broker and choose someone else. Cui Dongxu didn't even think about it and refused directly. Cui Dongxu knew very well why the company promoted him because of cnblue. The brilliant achievements of cnblue in Rrand the many honors it has won in Korea. F. C companies have gradually poured all their resources into these five big boys. Cui Dongxu watched cnblue step by step to the present position and achieved the present results. He didn't want to put it down, and he didn't want to put it down. These five big boys are like younger brothers. He wants to take care of them until they fall in love and get married. He wanted to watch them until they reached their peak.. Cui Dongxu in this slightly muddy entertainment circle, after seeing too many artists become popular, kicked the original agent away. But he believed,digital whiteboard price, oh no, firmly believed, that these five big boys would not do this.