Fu Gui Ying Men

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Fu Gui Ying MenFu Gui Ying MenFu Gui Ying Men

How can the daughter of the Chen family marry a villager. Linshuang is said to have given Tongzhou a well-off yuanwai family, which has a large fruit forest and thousands of hectares of fertile land, is a genuine small landlord. Although she is not married to a famous family, she is more comfortable and comfortable to live away from intrigue. Should have been able to send earlier, or write a thousand more words, met a big fly, sprayed with insecticide to death, actually saw a small maggot on the computer screen, still crawling. It's so scary. Now flies don't actually lay eggs but directly lay larvae. So he changed the sheets and a series of things, and took the flies away with a vacuum cleaner. Suspect that there are small maggots somewhere. My feet are itchy all over. So I hate summer. Chapter 91 fall short of success Chen's big long room has been guarding the ancestral property to live, Lin Yi this trip to really know Zongchang hard, will all the clansmen together is not easy, not the owner has something to do is the West family needs help, just say the land divided by the ancestors, to the spring and autumn seasons, Zongchang also need to help, if which family does not sow in time, sometimes need Zongchang to find people to hire long-term workers, tenants, Not to mention the daily livelihood trifles, Linyi just arrived for a while there are two clansmen to find the long room people to judge. Compared with this, the clansmen who go out to fight for fame have a comfortable life. If they become famous, they can return home in splendid clothes and will not be dragged down by the clansmen. Now Linyi is the envy of the sisters in the clan. Lin Shuang changed her clothes, and Chen's third wife Li ordered Lin Shuang to take Lin Wan around the ancestral home. Lin Wan and Lin Fang were not the first time to come, and they were not interested in Lin Shuang's explanation. Only Lin Yi listened to the history of the development of the Chen clan with relish, sitting in a carriage for an hour, and then roughly walked around the Chen family. Everyone got down from the carriage, and a few sisters of the same age in the clan came out and introduced each other in a bloody way, which was very lively all of a sudden. Lin Dan,water filling machine, the leader, was Zong Chang's daughter. She was the same age as Lin Fang. She had beautiful features and was very tall. She came over with a smile and said, "Don't just surround people. The elder and younger sisters in the third room are tired all the way. Please go into the room and rest for a while." The elder sister and younger sister beside him listened to the words and stopped talking, and led Linyi into the east wing of the courtyard to rest. The servant girl and the woman fumigated the bedding and arranged the three Linyi in the same room. "At least lean on it," said Lindan. "There will be trouble later." Then he smiled and went to talk to Linwan. Lin Yi and Lin Fang changed their dresses in the inner room and heard Lin Dan laughing outside, "You finally came, the fish you asked me to raise are much bigger." Did you use the things I asked someone to bring you last time? Lin Wan took out the sachet on her waist. "Yes, the thread dyed at home is very good." She stuffed Lindan with something. "I also brought you something.." Lin Fang curled her lips aside and sneered. "Look at her. She's warmer than her sisters." Linyi rested for a while and then changed her clothes and came out. It was almost time for the banquet. I don't know how many tables were set up in the big house of the Chen family, which was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. It took several hours just to visit each other. After the banquet, the young ladies held hands and talked in private. Only then did Linyi discover that Linwan was not generally popular in the clan. After a while, she heard someone shouting, "Sister Wan, help me look at the needle and thread. I can't embroider the flowers you taught me last time." Then there was a sound of ridicule, and Lin Wan covered her mouth with a veil and kept laughing. "Teach me again this time, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET bottle Mold, no matter," said the silly girl. Linfang naturally has good sisters. Those who are good at poetry and books in the clan all come to find Linfang. In a short while, Linfang is dragged to the poetry meeting. Everyone wants to pull Linyi to go together. Under the burning eyes of Linfang, Linyi refuses with a smile, "I'm not very good at it. Sisters are going to be stubborn." Then Lin Fang smiled. Lin Fang wants to remain the champion in the poetry festival. Finally, Lin Shuang and Lin Yi whispered. To get married, Lin Shuang moved to the room half empty, Lin Yi quietly asked, "when is the wedding date?" "Next spring," said Lin Shuang. So soon, Lin Shuang is only fifteen years old. Lin Yi comforted Lin Shuang, "isn't it not far to marry?"? I heard that the two families used to know each other. "In that case, we should have met in private!"! Lin Shuang also does not hide Lin Yi, "on weekdays, although walking well, who knows what will happen if you marry in the past.". Even if you have seen each other, but also in front of the elders to say a few polite words, the real situation will be known later, you don't know in the clan, even after the marriage is also fighting and killing, far from saying, the second sister only married to cousin for three years, two days ago was sent back by the husband's family, sick has been left with a bone, "said sighing." "I always feel that there are not many good days left." So I simply changed the way to have a good time when I didn't have enough fun. Lin Shuang said here, let the servant girl find a new pair of pants for Lin Yi, "we go to jump the gravel road." With the host, Linyi put on her pants and accompanied Linshuang to the yard. Lin Shuang said with a smile, "As soon as I met you, I knew you were straightforward. The old lady with the third wife has very hot eyes. She must want you to be her granddaughter.". "Your third sister pretends to be a ghost, and your fourth sister is arrogant and domineering. They are not good friends." She is not the only one who sees through Lin Wan. Mrs. Li, the elder wife of the third house of the Chen family, sat in the old lady's room and talked. The two old ladies said some self-talk. "" I think my sister-in-law's health is much better, "said the old lady. The old lady Li, the head of the third house, nodded with relief, "thanks to the six girls in front of me to relieve boredom." Speaking of this, the old lady's eyes lit up. "So you're determined to take over the Trinity family?" Li Shi, the old lady of the third house, did not hide it. "That's what I meant when I wrote to my sister-in-law last time, saying that I would also let Zong Chang agree." In the clan, we can't see our third wife die out. The old lady hesitated for a moment, her face showing an embarrassed expression, "I'm afraid it's not easy, you know the second old lady Dong.." The old lady Li, the head of the third house, gave a sneer. "I'm helping her,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but she doesn't want to, so she takes the genealogy and talks about whether the two sons she gave birth to are concubines or concubines.". "If the old man of our family were still alive, how could he allow her to do such harm to the Chen family?" 。 gzxilinear.com