Infinite dawn

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Infinite dawnInfinite dawnInfinite dawnInfinite dawnInfinite dawnInfinite dawn

Of course, this kind of national officials, after all, is a minority. In fact, Chu Hao doesn't have to speak at all. The heads of all the big powers present have been cynical about this very small number. Although this is not fair, in the earth, in modern society, even the so-called humanitarianism, even the so-called modern civilization, when the end comes, they still take care of each other. What's more, the current situation, the half plane is not owned by any country, is organized by the rebels, in fact, is privately owned by Chu Hao, of course, the rest of the people do not know, but even if only for the rebel organization headquarters, this is not all mankind, Chu Hao's approach has been almost selfless, who can not say anything, let alone in the construction of the half plane, So that it can carry more people, as well as a large number of materials, a large number of manpower, and give each country the most advanced technology and so on, all of these can only be carried out by the world's big powers, small countries can not,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and simply can not build a half-plane in a month. Chu Hao wants to save as many people as possible, but he is not a brain-damaged virgin, he will choose, will decide to abandon, this is his behavior, and is consistent behavior, if necessary, he will abandon all the small countries, weak countries and poor countries, not because they are guilty,Gear Reduction Motor, but because abandoning them, can save more human beings, that's all. As he once told Zhang Heng and his former teammates, he can abandon anyone when necessary. In the end, he will abandon himself. As long as he can achieve the best results, he has no regrets. This is the case at the moment, in order to be able to get the most human and material support to build the half-plane, and need almost countless food, energy, basic materials and so on, but also need an astonishing number of vehicles, whether large transport aircraft, or large ships, all of which are necessary, and with these, only the world's great powers, in fact, To put it more clearly, only the five big hooligans, er, Brushless Gear Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, the five permanent members of the Security Council, plus a few powerful countries can do it. It is impossible to ask them to build and pay, and then take in a large number of people from small countries and poor countries. If you really want to say, this is the greatest unfairness. Now that you're all here, what we're going to discuss next.. To be exact, before the first batch of buildings are built, and before there are more issues, the last issue in three days is the composition and structure of the half-level government. Chu Hao said here, looked at all the people present, and then continued: "I have three requirements. In addition, the composition of the government is decided by everyone. The first requirement is that in the future, there can only be one government organization for human beings in the half plane. No separatist acts are allowed in any human government, whether by religion, nationality, or doctrine. No separatist acts are allowed under any circumstances." Once any such situation is found, it will be destroyed by the reincarnation army, or even the rebel organization itself. When human beings enter the half plane in the future, there will be, and only one government. This is the bottom line. "The second requirement, although it is not clear how long we need to take refuge in the half plane, whether there is a chance to return to the earth, or go to the new plane for immigration, but we need to prepare early, because of the time problem and the internal friction problem, the first government candidates are negotiated by the governments of all countries, every five years a term, starting from the second term, by all human referendum election." "The third requirement is that the composition of the first government is determined by the contribution of each country to the half plane, which is proportional to the number of people who can enter the asylum. After that, every election is voted by all mankind. However, after any existing country's population enters the half plane, no matter whether the future regime is upper and lower parliamentarians, or parties, or any other regime." The personnel of that State must retain at least one seat. The above three are my requirements. ” Chu Hao looked at all the leaders present and said in a deep voice. Then he suddenly remembered the gypsies and the racial discrimination that might appear in the future half plane. He gave the future government at least one seat in the regime, which could not change the weakness of the disadvantaged groups, but at least it would not be regarded as insignificant pig and dog garbage. He sighed, but said nothing more. The future, leave it to the future to change slowly, now he can only want to save most. He can only do so. 2015/12/25 3:55:00|19823018 Chapter 518: Intuition. "Half plane, evacuation plan, and the end of the world are all super secrets, all known personnel must be controlled, no information is allowed to leak even a little bit, because it may lead to disastrous consequences, because we can not save the majority, no one wants to be the abandoned party, tell them in advance." It will only lead to the most terrible consequences, so.. It must be kept secret, and the code name for this operation is Eden. I hope we can get through this crisis, and I hope the half plane is a paradise for our human refuge. It was Chu Hao's proposal, which was unanimously approved by the whole participating countries, and the discussion of the formation of the government was handed over to these countries to wrangle. Chu Hao finally got a short rest. After five hours of simple sleep, he ate some food and took a bath. He immediately moved to the base of the plane. The island was a rebel organization against the C organization. After negotiating with the Pacific countries, an island assisted by various countries, the island itself is not big, but there is a deep-water port, then the rebel organization carried out construction, there is an airport on the island, a port, and then the underground construction of the island, the base itself certainly can not be built on the ground, so although the island is not big, but the airport and port are not small. When Chu Hao arrived at the island,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, he saw engineers expanding the port and airport, and during the construction, large transport planes and large ships kept arriving.