Crossing takes harmony as the most precious.

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Crossing takes harmony as the most precious.Crossing takes harmony as the most precious.

But Gu Xiyan said with a smile, "You also said that I am Qi Gu now. First of all, I am Qi.". And then Gu. I have a good relationship with the wives of these officials, and I can also adjust the atmosphere between you and these lower-level officials. Qi Maosheng knew she had a point. When he was fifteen years old, in order to shock those who were dissatisfied with him, he had always been stern and cold, so that his subordinates had more time to fight in front of him, less time to relax, and would find Qi Xiao in a roundabout way. He did not trust Mrs. Wei to intervene in the affairs of the Yan Gongfu, but also had a lot to do with Mrs. Wei's impatience to deal with these trivial matters. Such Gu Xiyan. What are you worried about? Care is chaos! Looking at Gu Xiyan's smiling face, Qi Maosheng suddenly felt a little sad. How much bitterness is there under the flowery smile of Xiyan? Originally, let her be wronged, has been their own. Ridiculous himself, but still keep saying that he will defend her! He pursed his lips and sat beside Gu Xiyan with courage and fearlessness, looking at Gu Xiyan very seriously. "Xiyan," he said. I want to talk to you about Hongluan! Gu Xiyan was so surprised that she thought Qi Maosheng would temporarily avoid the question. Qi Maosheng was in a daze when he saw her. He also felt that he had hurt Gu Xiyan in dealing with Qi Hongluan. "I've thought it over," he said solemnly. "What you said is very reasonable. After all, we can't live in her place. In the past, I didn't care enough about Hongluan. I neglected many problems. I didn't want to think about the bad side of things. Maybe in my heart, I'm afraid I have a little sense of responsibility. Gu Xiyan was surprised to open the corners of his mouth slightly. Qi Maosheng,inflatable floating water park, always like this. Face the predicament calmly, do not push, do not escape.. Have a brave heart.. "Xi Yan," Qi Maosheng is very sincere tunnel, "since I have given the family affairs, it is necessary to trust you to deal with these affairs. I'll stop asking about Hongluan and give her to you. "Mao Sheng!" Gu Xiyan was somewhat tongue-tied, "I'm afraid I'm not as capable as you think." Qi Maosheng nodded with a smile. "Didn't we agree to be honest with each other?"? Let's discuss it together,Inflatable indoor park, and nothing can baffle us! Gu Xiyan really did not expect to end the period of time hidden in the hearts of the two people in such a way. Mao Sheng, always let her surprise. She hugged Qi Maosheng a little excitedly, but her heart was even more frightened. Oneself, can live up to Mao Sheng's trust? As soon as he entered May, the officials of the State of Yan trembled a little. According to Qi Hao's schedule, he should come back in early May. On May 2, Qi Maosheng's Yiping finally returned to Yan Guogong Mansion and began to work on Qi Hao's return to the mansion. So when a large group of people surrounded by Qi Hao entered Yongzhou City in the sunset glow on May 3, it was already a solemn scene on the main road of Yongzhou City, which had been cleared. Although Qi Hao has been ambitious and eager to try, but in the administrative subordinate, Yan Guogongfu is still an institution of the Xizhao Dynasty, below Qi Hao, there are three grades of government affairs, four grades of Shaofu affairs, inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, six grades of government affairs, six grades of main thin, and nine grades of records, in addition to officials like Gong Tao who were sent out by Qi Hao. The officials who stayed in Yongzhou added up to forty or fifty people, and they gathered in the Yan Gongfu early in the morning. As soon as Qi Hao entered the city, Yan Gongfu got the news. Under the leadership of Qi Yuzhi, these officials, big and small, were arranged in front of the steps according to their ranks. When Qi Hao's carriage stopped in front of the gate of Yan Guogongfu, which was not grand, everyone knelt down neatly, black crows and crows, shouting "Welcome Guogongye" in their mouths, which startled Gu Xiyan, who was wearing a curtain and getting off behind Qi Maosheng. Qi Maosheng wore a peacock blue brocade moire round front robe today, this color originally gave people a feeling of arrogance, but Qi Maosheng put a cold face, unexpectedly gave birth to this color to press down, the whole person revealed the arrogance of contempt, not to mention those kneeling on the ground officials, is Gu Xiyan, all felt a blade-like chill. No wonder everyone thinks Qi Maosheng is not easy to get along with! Gu Xiyan, with a respectful look, followed Qi Maosheng through the crowd, and then, under the leadership of Siping, passed through the hall of the government office and entered the back house. Qi Maosheng was a little tongue-tied. Siping is sweating. Gu Xiyan forgot to salute Qi Maosheng and went straight to the back house. However, in the end is to forget or not this consciousness, Qi Maosheng is not sure. Xiyan's deference to his etiquette could make him feel as unreal as wearing a mask. Qi Maosheng's face flashed a helpless smile. Chapter 175 return to the House of Qi (I). Gu Xiyan was not so naive, thinking that when she returned to Qi Fu, someone would give her breathing time to adapt, so when she knew that the carriage would arrive at Yan Guogong Fu in the evening, she had a good sleep in the carriage, and now she was in high spirits with Siping walking through the corridor, stopping from time to time to ask what the buildings around Siping were for. Siping wiped away his cold sweat and said, "The place we came out just now is called the Humble Administration Hall. It's the Council hall of the Yan Guogong Mansion. The rooms on both sides are the detention rooms of the departments.". Behind the Humble Administration Hall is the Dezheng Hall, where I usually deal with official business. On the left side of the Dezheng Hall is a small courtyard called Qinyuan, which is a study, where I usually rest. On the left, you can see three courtyards side by side behind the woods. The Pear Garden is right behind the Qinyuan Garden. On the left is the Sun Yat Sen Pavilion, and on the left is the Shuangfeng Pavilion. Because there is a pear blossom forest behind the pear orchard, it is bigger than Sun Yat Sen Xuan and Shuangfeng Pavilion. There is a corner door beside the pear blossom forest, and you can go in to embrace Cuiju, behind Sun Yat Sen Xuan and Shuangfeng Pavilion. Behind Yongcuiju is Xixiangguan, out of Xixiangguan is Dexinyuan,inflatable air dancer, and into the backyard.. As they spoke, they went into the pear orchard. The pear orchard in the daytime was a little different from what I saw that night, and it looked bigger.