Pretty Woman 90 (End)

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Pretty Woman 90 (End)Pretty Woman 90 (End)Pretty Woman 90 (End)

In the latter groups, there were successes and failures. The players who jumped well were happy, and those who jumped poorly were naturally depressed. Jumping hill and springboard, springboard is more difficult to jumping hill, springboard movement is easy to move the board error, resulting in "step on the board", "hit the board", "back board" loss of competition, and move the board error, it will have a key impact on the stability of the next air movement and entry. It can be said that the walking board is the most important part of the springboard. If the springboard is seriously wrong, it will also cause harm to the body. So the team is training in the water, and the medical staff are also ready, and no one can guarantee that there will be any problems in the middle. Whether Han Chuan jumps well or badly, he will objectively analyze and evaluate the players after they finish jumping, which is more helpful to improve the training level of the players. The beautiful snake king had never seen human diving, but for a while, he watched the beautiful little girl jump into the swimming pool, and his two bean-eyed eyes were bigger than the cow's eyes. From time to time, his eyes aimed at the smooth and delicate white thighs in the pool, hissing constantly. Fang Xiaoyu looked at the color and was speechless. Several groups of players dived one after another, and when it was Jia Meili's turn to come out, the voice was also the highest. Jia Meili is the winner of the National Games. This simple one-meter board diving is a piece of cake for Jia Meili. After the balanced walking board, take off, jump into the swimming pool perfectly, and move at one go without any sloppiness. There is no doubt that Jia Meili's performance is the best among all the athletes. Pretty good Tao Ning, the head of the base, gave a high appraisal. Beautiful sister, you are so great! "Great, beautiful sister." In the sound of welcome, an abrupt voice was inserted into Fang Xiaoyu's mind. [Wow, this girl has a great body and looks great.] A small snake stared at Jia Meili's snow-white xng mouth, drooling all over the ground. Fang Xiaoyu stroked his forehead. The little snake was not only timid, greedy for food and sleep, but also greedy for beauty. With this kind of virtue, he is also the king of the beautiful snake in the charming world, and the wretched little color snake is almost the same. Fang Xiaoyu said with a straight face, "Take away your saliva and lose face." The beautiful snake king is not convinced. In principle, both human beings and animals have the heart of beauty. You can't despise my heart of beauty just because I am an animal. Master, before the world, people and snakes are equal. He is the beautiful snake king of the demon world with only culture. Follow the fine points of the woman, this point depends on the welfare of the beauty, this welfare is not allowed by the fine points of the woman. He just, he just cried for her to see. The beautiful snake king stamped the snake's body and held back his tears. [Cut, promising], Fang Xiaoyu is too lazy to care about this color snake. After Jia Meili successfully entered the water, Zhou Wenwen screamed happily, and Xie Jing looked at Fang Xiaoyu contemptuously with a proud look. The beautiful snake king is angry. [I'm sorry. Punctual diving has nothing to do with Lily. This look is so annoying.] Dare to despise my master, the king snake said that he would help the master to deal with the Lily girl and make you stare. The two eyes of the beautiful snake king in the space stared at Xie Jing mercilessly, inflatable bounce house with slide , and the two small bean eyes stared into two cross-eyed eyes. Fang Xiaoyu could not help but bend the corners of his mouth. [Stupid Snake]. The beautiful snake king coquettish head makes the posture, swings the snake body, [the baby is wronged, helps you, but also scolds me stupid] It's hard to be a man these days, and it's even harder to be a good snake with a full sense of justice. Chapter 498 the heroine comes on stage. In the midst of the cheers and the attention of the crowd. Smiling, Jia Meili walked slowly from the pool to the shore and looked demonstratively at Fang Xiaoyu. When he passed by her, he bowed his head and said, "It's your turn." The sound is neither light nor heavy, just enough for everyone to hear. Is this a challenge? Everyone looked at Fang Xiaoyu together. Fang Xiaoyu's eyes were bright and he replied with a smile, "I won't let you down." [Beautiful.] There was a whistle. The soft, wet sound was inserted again. [Hey, pretty girl, here, here] The saliva of the colored snake in the space dripped down, and the two beans looked at Jia Meili, unable to turn, and raised the snake's body to say hello. The benefits are good, and the girls in the diving team are more beautiful than one. In the future, I will be honest with these little beauties every day. Snake eyes are blessed. Hee hee, ha ha. He was seriously injured in the space before, and he looked very good. I didn't expect you to be such a little demon snake. Fang Xiaoyu's mouth shrunken. [Hey, little snake, you've had enough. Pay attention to the snake elephant, okay? It's so dirty that the space is full of your saliva. 】 The snake king was interrupted when he aimed at his chest. [Uh], it's so uncomfortable. The little beauty can't see me again. Pay attention to the snake elephant. Fang Xiaoyu roared, "I know, you still call others.". I can't see it. If you call him, he can hear you. The king snake blushed and became angry. [Can't you even call?] You're the only one who can roar, but I can't. Lift the snake. Not satisfied, very dissatisfied, wagging the tail, [I am angry oh] Wag your tail. Keep wagging your tail. Make waves. If the beautiful snake king doesn't show his power, you should be my little demon snake. I hate it. Why did you expose her. Fang Xiaoyu narrowed his eyes. [Shut up and make a noise again. At night, I will peel and chop your raw soy sauce into segments and fry it with sauce to eat.] With the roar of a lion, the snake king, who had made up his mind to be mighty and unyielding, once again lay down without ambition. The world is quiet in an instant. The beautiful snake king smacked his mouth. [Forget it. You are the heroine. I am the most beautiful snake king in the three realms. I don't have the same experience as you.] Snake tail a dish, swept the mouth, bean eyes a red, Ji Ba way, "Well, I do not speak not?" Hum, the evil master, you can't even look at a girl. The angry snake king pouted his buttocks, turned his back and protested silently. Fang Xiaoyu ignored it and turned his eyes to Jia Meili, who had already come under the nozzle. In the previous several disturbances in the team, Jia Meili has been very low-key, and has not shown any hostility to her. This is the first time that Jia Meili formally declared war on Fang Xiaoyu. For this kind of formal challenge, Fang Xiaoyu is willing to accept, although Jia Meili's attitude is not good, but Fang Xiaoyu does not mind. The contest between opponents,Inflatable water park on lake, just not playing dirty, is worthy of respect. Jia Meili is arrogant, but she also has her arrogant capital.