The Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the World

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The Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the WorldThe Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the WorldThe Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the World

Qionghua said directly "You don't have to compete I have chosen Lin Ge as my husband I will never forgive anyone who provokes him" Qionghua's words are not surprising Among the five people Lin Ge and Mingjian are the most dazzling while Jiangshan Jinyutang and the man in black are inferior After the reputation of Mingjian is completely bad it is reasonable for Qionghua to choose Lin Ge as her fiance Although he knew it would be so when Jin Yutang heard about it he was still so angry that he looked at Lin Ge ferociously as if he was going to swallow him Mingjian ignored Qionghua's words and continued to say to Lin Ge "Lin Ge you are also a famous person in China I challenge you now Do you dare to accept it" "Don't go too far Mingjian" Qionghua shouted "Don't pay attention to a madman Mr Lin" Mingjian laughed wildly and did not take Qionghua's threat to heart Just now he had his own heart not to mention Qionghua's threat Lin Ge do you have the courage to accept my challenge "Your wound is completely Electrical Equipment Supplies healed" Faced with the arrogance of the famous sword Lin Ge asked calmly It's none of your business I dare you to accept the challenge Mingjian was not seriously injured just now but he recovered in one breath Although Lin Ge greeted him about his injury he did not appreciate it Lin Ge smiled since the end of the world he was afraid of who to come when he was trained in the castle of light he is not bullshit such a person also dare to challenge himself looking for death Lin Ge said contemptuously "Accept why not accept as long as you are not afraid of death just come here" "Good!" Mingjian was secretly cruel in his heart Jin Yutang suddenly said "Come on come on Both of you are among the strongest in China This battle must be an unprecedented battle between dragons and tigers But Jin wants to add a prize to it" As soon as Jin Yutang opened his mouth Lin Ge knew that he had no good intentions but he still asked "What's the good luck Tell me" "Seeing the two fight Jin also has some skills in his heart If Brother Lin wins today I want to fight with Brother Lin next I wonder if Brother Lin has the courage to accept it" Now even the onlookers of the freedom fighters could not bear to watch Mingjian and Lin Ge both of them are equal rivals Even if Lin Ge wins by luck he will be badly weakened Jin Yutang took a fancy to this point and came out to pick up a bargain There are so many unfair things in the world Isn't this a battle of wheels "Bullying is not such a bully" Zhao Tao lazily said "If you this pseudo-Niang skill itch I can accompany you to play do not need my eldest brother to make a move China Factory " "And me" said Jiang Shan Jin Yutang said with a sneer "The two of you can be accompanied by Jin but I challenge Brother Lin If Brother Lin doesn't dare to fight he can also send his brothers out to die" "I accept After I kill Mingjian the next one will punish you I hope you won't be scared out of your wits" Lin Ge calculated that Zhao Tao's fighting skills were a little bit worse than Jin Yutang's He would only die when he came forward while Jiangshan was on a par with the pseudo-mother but he was not sure of winning In that case he might as well take it all Jin Yutang said proudly "I hope I can see Brother Lin and have a chance to live for me" Lin Ge was too lazy to talk nonsense Instead he looked at Mingjian and said "Bring it on I hope you can use all your strength I also want to see how much weight you have as a hypocrite" The famous sword was so aggressive that Lin Ge had to fight What was more exasperating was that Jin Yutang also made an appointment for the next game He made it clear that he would not stop until he killed Lin Ge Qionghua's eyes were full of evil spirits Well Lin Ge would be in danger for a while and he could not stand idly by But Zhao Tao and Jiang Shan have full confidence in Lin Ge Zhao Tao in particular has not seen Lin Ge defeated since he followed Lin Ge and has defeated the strong by the weak many times under impossible circumstances Although the two men intend to use wheel warfare to deal with Lin Ge Lin Ge must have a good way to deal with it otherwise he will not boast The famous sword turned over in the palm of his hand and a dark pike was already in his hand The gun of judgment ” Many people have shouted in the last year the rise of a peerless strong in the territory of China this person acts strangely often rob other strong hands of resources and treasures in order to strengthen themselves What's more after Home Appliances slaughtering some freedom fighters he trained their corpses into a pile of carrion and absorbed them thoroughly Killing and refining corpses is also one of the most abhorrent evil deeds of the freedom fighters of all mankind but the strong man who used the gun did a lot of such things Although many cities of hope rounded up the strong man who used the gun many times the result was not only that he did not hurt the strong man but that he was killed to pieces And that makes the gun master's unique skill is the trial gun it is said that the trial gun is a total of six shots one shot is stronger than one shot when the last shot is used even nearly a million strong combat effectiveness the existence of the magical realm can not resist Unexpectedly another identity of Mingjian is the owner of the notorious gun of judgment Although Mingjian is a gentleman on the surface but his secret identity is a notorious trial gunman originally he did not want to announce his other identity in public but today his reputation is ruined the dignity of men has been trampled on in extreme anger he did not care about anything Judge the gunman Have you shown your true colors You are indeed a great villain Lin Ge sneered Look at the gun The dark iron spear in Mingjian's hand turned into a heavy phantom and ran to Lin Ge Singer Lin offered the King's Ring Sword and blocked Mingjian's shot Famous sword slightly startled although the power of the first shot is not strong if in the outside world even if the fighting capacity reaches five hundred thousand points of the strong can not resist but Lin Ge is easily blocked it seems that the second type of trial gun can not help him As soon as the famous sword gritted its teeth it directly offered the third type of the trial gun The strong wind from the tip of the gun made the high platform whirring but it was still helpless to Lin Ge