The equator and the North Pole

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The equator and the North PoleThe equator and the North PoleThe equator and the North Pole

At the magnificent and lively celebration banquet I successfully attracted the attention of others by wearing a purple evening dress with half bare shoulders There is envy there is jealousy there is disdain This dress worth 5 million should be more dazzling than any jewelry right I just feel wasted and let down the designer's heart because my love has long been lost Maybe I'll never get it back Where is the endless love "Finished" Why aren't you happy Weren't you two the best before Peng Haojie finished his dinner party and brought me a plate with a lot of food in it We've all changed I said with emotion After all after such a long time and space a lot of things have happened to us and a lot of innocence has been forgotten by us Don't keep frowning You're wrinkled He reached between my eyebrows and sighed It's really boring Let's go "Aren't you the host" "I've said hello before and now I'm sneaking away without anyone noticing" He seduced me like a naughty child Dividing line -- I was Computer Hardware Software informed at noon that I would start to receive closed training tomorrow morning I don't know why the efficiency of that group of people has improved so much all of a sudden! But this fact has caused a lot of my plans to run aground! (Including an important party tomorrow night) 555555 We can only expect to see the end when I come back from the farm (Don't blame me for breaking my promise We can only blame our unit for their high efficiency I thought I had at least a week to go to training) The number of words in this article is about 1W5 I will first send the titles of the following chapters to atone for my sins Stranger (4) Mediation (1) (2) (3) (4) Our anniversary (1) (2) (3) Letting go (1) (2) (3) Ending Liu Yu will appear in the next section As for whether Jiajia has gone or not Peng Zi will do something drastic after knowing the plane crash that Jiajia took If you are looking forward to it you can collect this article first I will come back in 10 days and update it quickly! PS I also wrote a short story before allowing me to advertise in this small! OK dear students 3166 ~ ~ ~ ~ Stranger (4) Like sneaking out of school before Peng Haojie pulled me and left the dinner hall slowly from the corner Maybe I haven't been outside for a long time Maybe I met my old classmates Anyway when I left the hall I felt that the air outside was very fresh and the unhappiness and depression before were much less Without driving Peng Haojie pulled me to walk slowly under the street lamp on one side of the road not in a hurry I didn't make a sound so I followed him Anyway I can't escape His palms were broad and warm and he held me firmly We walked for a long time and the neon lights of the shopping mall in the distance went out one by one Where are you taking me I stopped and felt my feet were a little sore He followed my pace also stopped turned to look at me eyes with a flash of perseverance "Jiajia I want to go back before I would rather have nothing China Manufacturers nothing happened" Every day when I wake up you are still by my side coquettish to let me get out of bed to soak milk like an ordinary work when I get off work you wait for me at the door and then chirp and tell me what happened in the day Jiajia we agreed to do this for the rest of our lives But why can't you do it I don't want to force you to do anything but Jiajia I have waited for so long and it is not easy to meet you again how can you let me go Why do you have the heart to do that He didn't talk much so he seldom said so much in one breath and then he looked at me earnestly I stood there feeling sad and choking Smart as he is how can he not understand that there are so many people and things between us that we can never go back to the past But to him looking at his painful eyes I can not say can no longer say such cruel words can not bear to say again "But after walking so long I still can't think of any place where we can go back to the past" He said softly and I couldn't see the expression on his face under the dim street lamp Jiajia no matter how difficult how much pressure I will not go to you in this life you can not leave me again He pulled me in and clamped my shoulders with both hands so that I could clearly see the determination and hope in his eyes Peng you can't do this I looked at him and said with heartache I'm the only hope for my mother and grandfather I can't just focus on myself Our positions have long been different Although we have not said this bloody fact but it exists has been stuck in the most sensitive and fragile place in our hearts sprouting roots can not be pulled out Why do you abandon me every time His hand Chemicals tightened on my shoulder "Ling Jiajia do you have a conscience"! All right all right I'll give you a taste of what it's like to lose the person you care about most! His voice became cold and his eyes became cruel and cold When he stopped talking to me he reached for a taxi dragged me into the car and went back to the villa where I lived before Our life continues to return to the previous track When I woke up the next day Peng had gone The traces of sex left over from last night are still obvious reminding me of my current status and situation I almost wondered if what he had said before was my dream If he really loved me why did he humiliate me like this I got up to take a shower and when I was having breakfast downstairs there was another unexpected visitor But this time it was more joy than surprise Because it's Chen Ya How did you know I was here I greeted her warmly "does Peng Haojie know" "Of course I didn't know until I asked him fool" Chen Ya is much more mature than before and her manners are more temperamental than before Everyone has changed and only I am still like a wild child