Travling and tourism

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The travel and tourism industry is currently one of the top growing sectors in all over the world. The significant growth that the travel and tourism industry has experienced in recent years has never been observed earlier. Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.

tourism has begun to resurface after the situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic. New proposals are presented focused on a consumer eager to travel and more demanding than years ago, which is why security and privacy becomes the essential premises.

The new demands cause the specialization of professionals within the major brands of the tourism sector, appearingthe profile of the luxury tourism professional.

The fundamental of this professional profile are languages, closeness and knowing how to serve customers. You must have a comprehensive and multi-sector knowledge within the sector of unique products and services within luxury and read more about tourism on  mrrightservices | Digital services Provider Lead teams, identify the best business strategies and correctly manage the value of these luxury brands.

The professional profile in the tourism sector

Thetourism sectoris constantly evolving due to changes in habits and technological advances. We have already seen what the requirements are within the professional profile of luxury tourism, but ... what about the tourism sector? A luxury tourism professional must also meet the following skills and abilities among others:

  • Design projects and researchrelated to tourism within the public, private, solidarity and popular economy sectors.
  • Manage service, productsand tourist destinations respecting the culture and community identity.
  • Master the financial, operational and control processes for the different tourism activities.
  • Apply newinformation and communication technologies.
  • Provide quality and excellent services, demonstrating the appropriate orientation towards the client and hospitality.