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Your horoscope is the key to your life and the early to understand this concept, the easier it is going to be to monitor your future.

Your horoscope is the key to your life and the early to understand this concept, the easier it is going to be to monitor your future. One of the significant branches of Vedic Astrology is Career Astrology Prediction, which talks about your Best Career Options as per Astrology. For instance, if you are looking to make a career in law, wouldn’t it be helpful to know in advance whether that would be a favorable option or not. The 12 houses in your birth-chart signify different career options and placement of various planets in various houses denotes the likely career option you must go for.

Career Selection As Per Birth Chart

  1. First House – This house represents yourself and thus, this house denotes your success in self-employment.
  2. Second House – This house showcases career success in areas like teaching, finance, writing and publishing.
  3. Third House – Career selection by date of birth gains new meaning if you look at how this house is called the house of communication. So, it isn’t surprising that it reflects suitable careers in marketing, advertising, web designing, traveling, and import-export.
  4. Fourth House – This house is connected with land and vehicles. So, career-wise, you will find success in fields such as agriculture, construction, mining and sale-purchase of vehicles.
  5. Fifth House – If you want a career built on speculation, pray that your fifth house has a strong presence because if that is the case, you could do great in share market, brokerage, finance, education, etc. Basically your skills would lie in speculating for others. However, as for your own career, no need to speculate because of the option of Career selection by date of birth.
  6. Sixth House – This house denotes litigation, loan and disputes. A strong planet marks a successful stint in careers like police, court, loan recovery, etc. So, if you’ve a stomach for the ugly side of life, you are on the right path with this house.
  7. Seventh House - This is the house of business. Its strong presence in the birth chart indicates careers related to business and trading.
  8. Eighth House – The eighth house is related to insurance, thus, you can work well in this sector as well as research.
  9. Ninth House – A strong ninth house in your birth chart signifies a career as a lawyer, priest, or head of a religious body.
  10. Tenth House – This house is connected to politics and government, to be more specific. So go for a career in government sector, or working with politicians, or activities in the public life.
  11. Eleventh House – This is a multi-faceted house because it denotes income from various sources. So, whichever career you choose, the Eleventh House will ensure you receive a good outcome.
  12. Twelfth House – For those interesting in a career abroad, this house is a friend! As per Career Astrology Prediction, the Twelfth house represents careers like import-export, travel agency, or settlement abroad.

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