How to properly clean an apartment

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How to properly clean an apartment, while doing everything quickly and independently?

How to properly clean an apartment, while doing everything quickly and independently? A question that worries many citizens living in apartments. The main thing that you need is free time, a supply of detergents, pleasant music (optional).

When you're ready to take action, get started immediately!

Stages of solving the problem yourself

Correctly done cleaning in the apartment will take much less time and effort. Therefore, it is necessary to perform simple steps one by one, which will lead to an ideally favorable outcome.

Cleaning is divided into several types:

  • Daily (it is enough to spend 20 minutes for the apartment to acquire a refreshed appearance);
  • Of necessity;
  • Spring-cleaning.

The rules of a competent approach that will help you find an impeccable result:

  1. Before starting a quick do-it-yourself cleaning, be sure to ventilate the room;
  2. Sort things in advance: for washing, for ironing;
  3. All unnecessary accessories should be sent to the trash can (do not store trash);
  4. Take out the rubbish in advance;
  5. Take time for a wardrobe, a bookcase - this is not done so often, but the result is effective;
  6. Sweep all cobwebs from corners, ceilings, high surfaces;
  7. Wipe down windows, sills, tables and all visible surfaces;
  8. Take a vacuum cleaner, first pass it on the upholstered furniture, then on the floor;
  9. Thoroughly wash floors, skirting boards;
  10. Flush the bath, shower, toilet, sink.

If you are a busy person and you don't have enough time for cleaning, contact the specialists of the cleaning company. They will clean the flat and save your time for relaxation. Even if you need a very urgent cleaning of the apartment, there is an urgent cleaning service(like this in cleaning companies. Having ordered this service, the company's specialists will come to you in a very short time and will quickly clean your apartment.

Features, Tricks Tips

To be guaranteed to get a flawlessly clean apartment, you must adhere to professional recommendations, here are a few of the main ones:

  • Do-it-yourself general cleaning exclusively on weekends, or use the time when you are alone;
  • Start cleaning from top to bottom (for example, dusting, cleaning cabinets, etc.);
  • Divide the apartment visually into zones (this will help to complete everything faster);
  • Clean your own rooms from the farthest to the corridor;
  • If you have a balcony, start with it.

The above recommendations will help you and give a logical answer to the question asked: "How to properly clean an apartment?"


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