Get Stylish Houston Braids and Extensions

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Premium Braids in Houston| Premium Waving | Elite Braids + Weaving

We're a leading hair salon spa in Houston, Texas, having satisfied numerous customers with classic as well as contemporary Afro hairstyles. Our hair salon spa has successfully served the Houston community with professional braiding, weaving, and extension services that have raised the bar for hairstyling in the city. Elite Braids + Weaving is a premier hair salon with three outlets in Houston. 


Our hairstylists have comprehensive experience in this industry with an intrinsic knowledge of hair products. We're well-trained with virtuoso skills and provide a relaxing environment for our customers when they visit our salon. 


Services We Offer

Elite Braids + Weaving specializes in braiding, Weaving, and extensions. You can visit any of the salons spread across three convenient locations in Houston. You can make an appointment at any one of our locations for any of the following services:


1) Hair Braiding

Our hairstylists can do creative, contemporary, and classic braiding styles that will add a spark to your personality on any occasion. No matter what unique braiding style you have in mind, our hair stylists can achieve it for you with stellar results. 


2) Hair Extensions

Hair extensions add spice to your braided hair. Elite Braids + Weaving has numerous extensions that can add length or volume to your hair. You can also select color shades to stylize your extensions and give them a pop of vibrance. 


Wear your Unique Hair Braiding Styles from Experts in Houston Braids

Do you want to flaunt your own unique braid? We've got you covered. 


Hairstyling experts at Elite Braids + Weaving have a skilled and proven hand at creating various braiding styles and variations as per your preference. Whether you want to add length with extensions or vibrance with colored textures, our expert braiders will leave no stone unturned to achieve your complete satisfaction. 


We also offer braiding and other protective hairstyles for kids.