Can I Change My Delta Booking on the Same?

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The passengers with elite status can seek the advantage of standby priority compared to the general flyers.

As per the Delta Same Day Flight Change Standby Policy , It facilitates the customers with two offers on same-day change options, ie, Same Day Standby and Same-Day Confirmed. With Same-Day Confirmed changes, customers get an appointed seat on the new carrier. The customers are eligible for Same-Day Standby only when Same-Day Confirmed is unavailable (eg, no suitable seats). Delta Airlines provides a standby list to the Customers for a given flight with Same-Day Standby. The standby list is started at the gate soon before getting onto the flight. The passengers with elite status can seek the advantage of standby priority compared to the general flyers.

Major Points to Avail the Respective Option.

We urge you to go through the table below so that you can seek a complete guide on both the Delta Reschedule Flight on the same day. 


Same Day Confirmed

Same Day Standby

When to Appeal for Delta Flight Change

Within 24 hours before departure

Within 24 hours in advance the departure


This option is valid for the trip within Puerto Rico, United States, the US Virgin Islands and Canada, 

United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin are the valid destinations under Delta Connection flights.


Exclusion for the Delta Connection flights to non-stop carriers. But Basic economy fares and air tickets on the international route are excluded

It is applicable only when the confirmed change option is not accessible. And the exclusion will be the same as the same-day confirmed change option

New Flight Eligibility

A new booking must be same-day as the initial one and with the same departure location and terminus.  Main cabin flights can only be reserved in the same fare class as the original bookings.

Ensure the alternative bookings must be sanctioned with the same-day change option. And you should book it for the same route as the original bookings. Moreover, General SkyMiles Members, Silver Medallion Members, and non-members are the Delta Airlines Change Option priority.


Seventy-five Dollars

No fees

As the complete guide on Same-day policy has been briefed above, now you do not have to be worried to Book Delta Flights and change as well. Furthermore, you can even contact the experts via Phone Number for great assistance in rescheduling the Delta Airlines Flights. But make sure to mark all crucial points given through this content. 

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