NBA 2K22 Releasing Zero Gravity Season 6 Agenda

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While it may sound like a MT 2K22 little sleazy, the franchise (and subsequently 2K22) fortunately does feature cross-progression compatibility.

As opposed to cross-platform, the cross-progression allows players to take their information and progress from one console and move it to another. That is, you can start a game on one console and take over where you began when you play it on a different.

In NBA 2K22, players will be able transfer all their game data on one console the next. There are however a few things to keep in mind. NBA 2K22 can only allow cross-progression across consoles in the same group. You can, for instance, migrate your progress from an Xbox 4 PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 however you can't carry your progress from an Xbox 4 to PlayStation 4 to an Xbox Series X.

The latest Zero Gravity Season 6 information is available, which includes what to expect from this season's Agenda as well as the rewards that will be distributed each day over five weeks.

With Season 6: Zero Gravity NBA 2K Coins rolling on, NBA 2K22 is making sure that its players have plenty of games to choose from. The new season began with three brand new Dark Matter cards, and there's more information coming out that continues to make the MyTeam mode the most popular ever.