What is 3D rendering in interior design?

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what are main features of this technology

Nowadays the popularity of the 3d rendering technology keeps growing really fast, and if you still have no idea how is it used in interior designing, let me describe you this.

A 3D render is essentially a 3-dimensional image data stored inside a computer. 3D rendering is usually used to create realistic two-dimensional images of architecture or interior designs made on design software before any real-life work has been done. Architectural software and technology make the home design process quicker, less labor-intensive, and less costly with improved communication between client and architect. 3D rendering can be done both in house and by an outside firm. 

So it is really a great option and service for both : save your time and increase your income. Because you will have much more time for your other clients, as it`ll be easier to deal with every of them. 

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