How to Write Article Summaries, Reviews & Critiques

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The writing process sometimes makes you confused, and to prevent all kinds of confusion, it is better for you to carry out a pre-writing process.


An article review is defined as an exercise that is used to summarize the content of the article while understanding the proper arguments on the topic. In an article review, previous studies and surveys are utilized instead of carrying out a new one. Personal essay writer helps in getting the overview of current thinking on the different themes of the topic. It will not explain the present experimental results. It is such a kind of professional or student paper which requires proper formatting, structure and in-depth research and analysis of the writer. Through summary, analysis and classification, the essay writer or researcher provides a constructive evaluation of literature.

There are many students who find it really complicated to develop a high notch article review. Such students can get essay writing service or paper writing service from Essay Writer For Me. These websites consist of different expert writers who help the students by providing them with customized work. You can also develop a good article review if you have proper writing and research skills. There are certain steps that you should follow in writing an article review. These steps are as follows:

Pre-Writing Process

The writing process sometimes makes you confused, and to prevent all kinds of confusion, it is better for you to carry out a pre-writing process. Before writing, summarize the article and find out the main ideas, claims and arguments of the article. Highlight the most important ideas, strong aspects and insightful observations which the author has made in the article. Find gaps in the study whether these gaps will help you to develop a critical evaluation of the article. Identify how many questions have been answered in the article and highlight all those which are ignored or are not answered.

Start the writing process by looking at the different pieces of an article such as its abstract, introduction, headings and topic sentence in each paragraph. Never miss reading the conclusion in the pre-writing process. All these are such points in which the paper writing service explains the most important points. Once you have completed these, move towards reading the full article.


Once you are done with the different pre-writing steps, move towards outlining the important points. Different thoughts and views should be arranged in the form of an outline so that you can elaborate on them at the end. While reading, write down all important points and thoughts in the form of an outline. Highlight all strengths and gaps of the publications and begin the writing process while making a proper outline. All these steps must be missed if your professor has not asked for the personal critique or summary section. Just like essays, there are three most important parts of article review, introduction, body and conclusion. 

You can easily divide your outline into all three parts by making proper headings and subheadings. There are some headings that can be included in the outline such as

·         Pre-title page

·         Details about author

·         Running head

·         Page of summary

·         Title of article

·         Introduction

·         Body

·         Conclusion

·         Bibliography

·         Tables and figures

Steps for Writing Article Review

Write Title

The first and most important step is to write the title of your work when I need someone to write my essay. The title of the article can be declarative, interrogative and descriptive. It all depends on your review.

Cite the Article

In this step, create a proper citation and the most important thing is to pick out a citation style. Whether it is MLA or APA, follow proper steps of citation and references or works cited.

Article Identification

Once a citation is done, you need to carry out identification of the article. It includes

·         Name of article

·         Author name

·         Name of journal

·         Publication year


In the introduction of an article review, the thesis statement and introduction of the article is included. It includes a summary of the most important points of the article. Positive aspects and facts mentioned in the publication should also be included in the introduction section. By identification of the different gaps, you can provide critique as well in the introduction of the article review.

Summarize Article

By reading the whole article, provide a summary about which has been written by the author when I need someone to write my essay for me. Write down all facts and findings of the article in the summary section. Conclusions of the author about the article are also included in the summary.


All strengths and weaknesses are included in this part of the article review. Identify the knowledge and expertise of the author about the specific issue or topic. Gaps and contradictions about the essay are also included in this section. Develop your stance whether EssayWriterNow wants to support the author or you are against him. Develop all arguments according to your developed stance. Different rubrics and templates can also be used to evaluate the work of the author in the article.


In this section, you will include all your findings and critique of the article. Validity and relevance which you find out from the article review must also be included in the conclusion.


Once you are done with the writing process, do not forget to proofread the paper as it will help you to identify different spelling and grammatical mistakes.

All these are the necessary steps that are required to write a good article review. If you still do not understand these steps, you can get 'write my essay’ service from different writing companies. You can also ask for help from My essay writer or family members or friends.

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