Tips to Write an Eye-Catching Reflective Essay Introduction

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An introduction to your essay is a very important aspect of your paper, assignment, essay, or any other form of write-up "reasonable prices". It tells your reader what to expect in the body paragraphs of your writing up and therefore a carefully crafted introduction will help you and your reader to connect all the relevant dots of the main arguments of your essay. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and explore some of the key components to writing an eye-catching introduction.

If you are writing an argumentative essay, and in case you don’t know what that is so we are here to help you understand it. In an argumentative essay, you take a stance, make a claim and then defend it by citing evidence. You frame your essay around 4 to 5 main arguments and then each of your body paragraphs starts with a body paragraph. Then you have to also mention the opposing argument and then your counterargument to that in a different paragraph. Still, feeling confused? Well! You can always get help online from any credible professional writing assistance. Okay, let’s jump right back in! The ideal way to start your introduction is by hooking your reader into it. 

The hook of your introduction should ideally consist of two to three lines maximum. Stretching it beyond that will not leave enough space for other parts of your introduction paragraph. Talking of paragraphs, the ideal length of a paragraph must be between 120 to 150 or a maximum of 180 words but this also depends upon the nature of your professional writer. For a normal-length paper, this would suffice. However, if you are writing a research paper then it will require a lengthier introduction which can go up to 300 words also depending upon the arguments that you have raised in your paper. In essence, the lengthier your paper, the similar the introduction. 

It is not necessary to dwell completely on explaining each and every argument that is discussed in the body paragraph. That is because if you do so in the introduction paragraph then it will increase the length of your paragraph beyond reasonable length and also it will create redundancy in your arguments when you will explain them in detail in the body paragraphs. Regardless of this, an introduction introduces a topic generally to the reader from every aspect and its background. It is like a short summary of your entire essay in which you have to professional essay writer and concisely describe your main arguments. Talking of description, it depends on what kind of write-up it is but if is it is a research paper then in such context your introduction paragraph is generally more descriptive. Also, in a research paper, the hook of your introduction is not required. You have to basically only mention the main points of your paper because research is based on facts. 

An efficient personal essay writer will know that the thesis statement usually is present in the last one to two sentences of your introductory paragraph. A thesis statement is the culmination of your entire essay in one to two lines. A thesis statement of an argumentative essay usually includes one part of each topic sentence and establishes a claim based upon that.

In other kinds of essays, where you are required to write an outline you can write your thesis statement before the outline as well but that entirely depends upon the requirements and the format of WriteMyEssayFast. Finally, if you are writing a research paper then the thesis statement of your paper will be different. Here your thesis statement will only describe what should be expected in the paper below and simply state that in one or two lines.